What Is the IDC?

The Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) – led by Bronx Sen. Jeff Klein – is a group of 8 NY State Senators who were elected to office as Democrats but who formed a coalition with Republicans, thereby blocking most progressive legislation in NY for the last 7 years.

In 2012, Democrats won a majority of seats in the State Senate, but the IDC broke away from the main Democratic conference to give Republicans control of the Senate. [Huffington Post]

Democrats also held a majority of Senate seats after winning a Special Election in 2016, and once again after the 2016 election, but Republicans have remained in charge through their alliance with rogue Democrats. [Buffalo News]


Thurs, Sept 13th, 2018

Who is in the IDC?

Marisol Alcantara


Tony Avella


David Carlucci


Jesse Hamilton


Jeff Klein


Jose Peralta


Diane Savino

Staten Island

David Valesky


“Party of Trump”: Who are the IDC's Republican Allies?

The Senate Republicans whom the IDC has empowered are among Donald Trump’s earliest and most ardent supporters and his closest ideological allies in New York State. [NY Daily News]

The Senate Republican conference is 100% anti-choice and anti-LGBT, opposes the NY DREAM Act, opposes criminal justice reform, and opposes campaign finance reform, all while promoting anti-immigrant legislation that could have been written by Steve Bannon. [NY Post, NY Daily News]

IDC “Alternative Facts” vs. Reality

Alternative fact: The IDC led the charge on the “Fight for $15”
Reality: In 2013, the Republican/IDC coalition voted for a gradual minimum wage raise from $7.25/hr to $9.00/hr that experts and mainline Democrats criticized for not going far enough. In 2015, after the IDC lost any say over the legislative agenda, Governor Cuomo pushed through a minimum wage hike to $15.00/hr that needed mainline Democratic Conference votes to pass

Alternative fact: The IDC can force Republicans to pass progressive legislation
Reality Senate Republicans have blocked the following legislation from passing in New York

  • DREAM Act to provide tuition assistance to children of undocumented immigrants
  • Elements of the Women’s Equality Act to codify Roe v. Wade in New York law (Reproductive Health Act to protect access to abortion and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act to protect access to no-copay birth control)
  • GENDA to protect LGBT New Yorkers from discrimination
  • Voting Reform including early voting and automatic voter registration
  • Criminal Justice Reform including “Raise the Age”
  • Campaign Finance Reform and Ethics Reform to clean up Albany corruption
  • Tenant protections, including repeal of the Urstadt Law and repeal of vacancy decontrol


Here's a full list of progressive legislation that passed the Assembly but died in the Senate during the last legislative session. We can expect many if not most of these to be reintroduced this year; let's keep pressure on our senators to get these through!

The Sad Truth

Talking Points: IDC Facts and Rebuttals

Talking to the media, your Senators, or your neighbors? You can also download the talking points as a PDF.


Vote the IDC out in the Thurs, Sept 13th primary


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