The Issues

Even though there is not a Republican majority in the State Senate, the IDC ensures continued Republican leadership. This means that they can control what legislation leaves committee for a floor vote. Year after year, progressive legislation passes the Assembly only to die in the Senate. Here’s a selection, sorted by issue.



  • Universal Healthcare - A05062.  Same As  S03525-A
  • Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act - A01378. Same As S03668
  • The Reproductive Health Act - A01748. Same As S02796
  • Limits Denial Of Coverage Of Additional Treatment Related To Health Care Services - A01129. Same As S03568
  • Relates To Access To Reproductive Services - A06221. Same As S04432
  • Relates To Price Gouging Of Medicine - A06731. Same As S04508

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Restructures Domestic Violence Sentences - A04409.  Same As S02036-B
  • Creates The Office Of The Correctional Ombudsman - A09939. Same As S08059
  • Seals Possession Of Marihuana Records - A10092. Same As S08047


  • Taxpayers May Contribute On Their Personal Income Tax Returns To The Homeless - A00022
  • Prohibits An Owner From Adjusting The Amount Of Rent Upon The Renewal Of A Lease - A03809. Same As S02828-B
  • Restricts Rentals Adjustments For Capital Improvements - A03957
  • Repeals Provisions Permitting Rent Increases After Vacancy - A05567. Same As S00951


  • DREAM Act - A04311. Same As S01251-B
  • Prohibiting Detention Of Immigrants Based On Administratively Issued Detainer Warrants - A03049 (Note No Floor Vote Yet But Made It Out Of Committee)
  • New York State Reuniting Families Act - A02432. Same As S02516

Voting Rights

  • Voter Friendly Ballot Act - A00204
  • Early Voting - A08582. Same As S03813-C
  • Allows Online Voter Registration -  A10370
  • Allows Voting By Mail (Even If You Don’t Need Absentee) - A03874. Same As S04456-A

Wage/Leave Policy



  • Climate Change and Community Protection Act A10342


  • Limits Outside Income, Close LLC Loophole And Other Ethic Measures - A09535